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Ever wonder if one must be born with "psychic gifts" or whether they can be d​eveloped through psychic exercises?

        Ask Yourself will help you unlock your innate psychic abilities with clear step by step instructions, full color illustrations and practice exercises. Learn to:

  • Shed cultural conditioning that blocks your psychic nature;
  • Understand your energy s​ystem & how your chakras are hardwired for psychic perception;
  • Navigate your chakras to enter a clairvoyant "reading" space;
  • Release your negative patterns and blocks;
  • Manifest change wi​th techniques for personal and planetary healing.

       Out of more than 2,500 titles submitted overall, Ask Yourself won Honorable Mention in the Eric Hoffman 2023 Book Award Contest and was selected as one of 46 of the most "thought provoking titles" submitted across all genres. It was also a Finalist in the Foreword INDIES Best Book of 2022 contest! Order a copy and find out why.


Request a free PDF of Psychic Exercises now!


Signed softcover copies now available on this website:       


          Support local Spokane booksellers and order through Auntie's Bookstore, Barnes & Noble at Northtown Mall, Second Look Books, Wishing Tree Books in Spokane, and The Healing Boutique in Spokane Valley. Available in soft cover and digital formats on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

What Readers are Saying...

In a lifetime of reading about the spiritual arts, I have never 

encountere​d a guide like this one. It not only explains why 

intuition works, but how each of us can develop it for ourselves. 

Drawn from Rev. Flowerday's own training and decades of work as a professional psychic, she has pulled back the curtain and really 

shown, step by step, the process of how the magic happens. 

Proving she is not only psychic, but a gifted teacher as well.


--Margaret Langendorf, author of The Gospel of Peter's Mother-in-Law


 "Pam Flowerday's book is both scholarly and readable and

offers an intellectually comprehensive treatment to a topic that is

usually presented in ways that are difficult to validate objectively.

This book, written for the intelligent seeker into practical

clairvoyance, contains not only theoretical underpinnings of

supersensible perception from a variety of traditions, but a

host of useful tips and techniques designed to develop

the innate psychic powers of the diligent reader."
--Eric P. Cunningham, Ph.D., Professor of History at

Gonzaga University. Author of:

The Luciferic Versus: The Daodejing and the Chinese

Roots of Esoteric History (2018); 

Hallucinating the End of History: Nishida, Zen,

and the Psychedelic Eschaton (2007);

and Zen Past and Present (2011).



"This book is a must-have practical guide for people seeking to 

enhance their intuition and connection to the world around them. 

Rev. Pam is an expert at making traditionally esoteric themes

approachable. The book is filled with wisdom and practical

exercises that will enhance your abilities​ to see beyond eyesight

and also improve your quality of life. The time is now for each of

us to go deeper within ourselves. Her guide walks with us 

on that journey gently and clearly."

--Erin Meuer, Lotus Spokane


"Rev. Pam's book is insightful and practical. 

The way she draws from her personal experiences to

 show how she grew to accept her spiritual abilties makes 

the book relatable. It let me know that everyday people have 

the power to hone their spiritual gifts and make 

a positive difference in the lives of others."

--Itoro Bassey, author of Faith

 "I thoroughly enjoyed Ask Yourself. It's a very insightful 

read as well as a wonderful opportunity to practice psychic meditation

 tools. I love the blend of her own insights as well as her incorporation of the wisdom of Seth consciousness. It ba​lances what is shared in a very 

grounded and playful way. The book is so well written and really 

is a magical tool during the changintimes on our planet. Thank 

you for such a beautiful book and sharing your gifts with us."

--Chris Young-Ginzburg, Sound Healer & DJ

"During a time when spirituality is trendy and everyone wants to be a

guru, Flowerday reminds us that we hold the power of healing within

ourselves. With pure intention, truly led by spirit and not ego, we are

guided back to the truth of who we are and the truths of where we want to go. With tangible tools, she teaches us to harness our personal power to access healing, growth and peace that can only come from within. 

'Ask Yourself' is a timeless gift that we can add to our resources

and apply the teachings and lessons to every step and phase of

 our personal and collective journey."

--Sam Karorero, Lotus Spokane


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