Pam Flowerday
     Intuitive Counsel & Healings

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Training & Experience

Intuitive Counsel:  Pam Flowerday has worked in the healing arts field since 1999 and practices in Alameda, California.  She is a graduate of two professional clairvoyant training programs (Psychic Horizons and Aesclepion Healing Center) which, together, entailed four years of intensive training and apprenticeship in clairvoyance, spiritual counseling and healing.  Pam is a state-licensed minister in the Church of Natural Grace (Psychic Horizons in SF) and is fully insured.

Bodywork & Reiki:  Pam graduated from the "Lighten Your Way" Hands-on Healing Program (teacher, Jeanine Sande) where she attained her Reiki Master certificate in the original Usui trandition, plus certification in their first nine-month earth energy techniques program. The earth energy techniques learned were based on Rosalyn Bruyere's trainings in Southern California.  Pam also received massage training in Oakland at the McKinnon Institute of Massage in 1998. In 2016, she completed CARE's (Center for Aromatherapy Research & Education) certificate program in "Chemistry of Essential Oils" and "Vitaflex," a bodywork modality which stimulates reflexive points in the feet/body using pure therapeutic grade essential oils to promote healing and vitality.