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My name is Pam Flowerday, author and professional intuitive.  Mastering my psychic nature has allowed me to perform thousands of readings for people around the globe since 2001. These sessions provide clients with a higher spiritual perspective and penetrate clairvoyantly to the core of issues. Breakthroughs are achieved--old patterns and problems gently resolved. This has been one of my life's greatest delights. I've loved working with people individually, but chose to retire from private practice in February 2024 so I might help others hone their own psychic abilities. I am passionate about dispelling misinformation regarding this innate human function as well as supporting others to use their gifts with confidence. My book, Ask Yourself. Understand and Unlock Your Psychic Power for Personal & Planetary Healing, guides readers on this exciting journey.

Explore the intriguing world of psychic perception, how it works, and how to develop it for expanded awareness and accelerated spiritual growth. 


Ask Yourself. will awaken your natural psychic abilities with clear step-by-step instructions, full color illustrations, and sixteen practice exercises.

Based in part on the clairvoyant training model of Lewis Bostwick (founder of the Berkeley Psychic Institute), Ask Yourself. reminds us that our truth and answers can be accessed directly through our own higher chakras. Learn to navigate your energy system, enter a clairvoyant space, and ask yourself what you want to know. Your answers will find you.

Request a free PDF of 5 Sample Psychic Exercises

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Literary Awards:  Released in December 2022, Ask Yourself. has been making waves! In March 2024, it received the IndieB.R.A.G. Medallion. BRAG--an acronym for Book Readers Appreciation Group--is a large group of individual and book club readers from the US and abroad who read and review books against a list of relevant literary criteria. A small percentage receive the Medallion and Ask Yourself. was among them this year. It also won Honorable Mention in the 2023 Eric Hoffer Book Award Program and was one of the 46 most "thought provoking books" (out of the 2,500 submitted across all genres) considered for the Montaigne Medal. Finally, in 2022, Ask Yourself. made the finalist short-list in the 25th Annual Foreword INDIES Best Book of the Year Awards. All three well respected contests showcase the best indie books self-published or released by small presses each year.  I am very proud that Ask Yourself. stands among them.

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