Pam Flowerday
     Intuitive Counsel & Healings

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I offer a range of services to help clients restore balance in their health and daily lives. By addressing not only physical symptoms but also the spiritual and energetic aspects of one's nature, a deeper more complete healing is achieved. Intuitive Counseling sessions (clairvoyant readings) help clients identify the core issues that cause distress and a compromised functioning of their subtle energy system. With this new awareness, many recurring emotional and physical issues are uncovered and resolved. Hands-on energy healing, Reiki and other bodywork modalities then help to release the physically expressed blocks and muscular/skeletal holding patterns. Together, the sessions provide clients with new clarity, resolution and healing in body, mind and spirit.

Pamela Flowerday was voted 2016's "Best Alternative Medicine Practitioner" in Alameda Magazine

Every year readers have the opportunity to cast their vote for their favorite local businesses and practitioners 

in Alameda, CA. Pam Flowerday was voted Best Alternative Medicine Practitioner in 2016. Come see why!

Pam Flowerday has been practicing an integrated approach to healing in Alameda, California since 1999.  She offers a variety of services from Intuitive Counsel to hands-on energy work, Reiki, aromatherapy and essential oils foot massage. By integrating modalities, the sessions address the whole person, not just symptoms, and so result in a more complete and sustained healing.