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Customer Testimonials

Pam offers the most profound intuitive guidance, insight and healing available by far! My sessions with her have felt like two years of therapy rolled into one hour, and they've come with clarity and answers that I desperately needed. I have had both intuitive guidance sessions and Reiki from Pam, and both are deeply transformational and offer soul-level healing. She offers in-person and distance sessions, and they are equally powerful no matter the mode - she is THAT amazing! I couldn't recommend her MORE, and have told all my friends and family to go to her yesterday!

                                                                                                        --Amber M., October 2022

I am a shamanic practitioner and am well versed in energy work both as a practitioner and as a recipient. Pam's work is impeccable, nourishing, clarifying, and uplifting. I highly recommend her services.

                                                                                                        --Nona L., August 2022

I have had many readings in my life and I can honestly say that Pam is phenomenal. My first reading (of many to come) was descriptive, beyond accurate and gave me the fuel that I needed to make some tough decisions and move forward in my next growth phase. She also has such a calming spirit. I would recommend her to anyone that is open to spiritual/ clairvoyant readings. She is in high demand so book ASAP.

                                                                                                         --Lindsey H., June 2021

Pam offered such a calm, supportive, and relaxing Reiki session experience. I felt so calm throughout my session as she guided energy through my body, provided insights to me, and I am now experiencing decreased stress and anxiety as a result of this healing process. Thank you Pam!

                                                                                                          --Amy S., December 2021

Pam is simply extraordinary. She came into my life and my family's lives during an extremely tough time. With her guidance, intuition and healing we have been able to process a very tragic/unexpected loss. As a person, she is so extremely positive, kind and caring. When I speak with her during our zoom sessions, I feel respected, safe and loved. Being in the presence of her warm spirit in itself is healing. I am so grateful that I found her just searching through Yelp and now many people in my network have had the benefit of having Pam in their lives. She is the most intuitive healer that I've had the blessing/honor to 'meet'...She is usually booked out a week or two, so definitely schedule in advance! Thank you Pam for using your gifts to help people in such an impactful way - it is so needed right now. I am forever grateful.

--Noori D., March 2021

I am extremely grateful to Pam for her insight and guidance. During conversation and questioning, she elicited information that was totally dormant in my memory, but hugely revelatory when discussed. By adding her insight to my responses, she revealed past events cast in a different light, or set in a different context, or affected by a forgotten influencer. I felt comforted that she asked questions and showed a keen interest in me. After our one-hour session, I felt both exhilarated and relieved. When I compare Pam to other clairvoyants and therapists I've encountered, I must conclude that Pam's rates are very reasonable, that she's naturally gifted and that she's genuinely motivated by wanting to heal and enlighten people. I highly recommend her. 

 --Elizabeth N., April 2020

Pam is truly a gifted intuitive. I just had a phone session with her, and in this pandemic time of ours, I feel so much better and have so much clarity about how to move forward. She has many great Yelp reviews and I agree with them all. She is very relatable and she kind. Pam creates a mood and space of trust. I encourage you to reach out to Pam Flowerday to get clarity on your thoughts and mood. She will provide great information for you to move forward. 

 --Sally G., March 2020

I was having a lot of pain and health issues that couldn't seem to be resolved medically. When I saw Pam in the Natural Awakenings magazine, I knew she was the answer. Only been one day and I feel like a new person. My energy has shifted, just what I needed.

--Heather H., March 2020

I had a wonderful experience in my intuitive counseling session with Pam! I came to her when I felt stuck and wanted clarity. She was able to tap into my current personal growth period and give me clarity on the best steps to move forward. She was able to tap into the essence of who I am as well as those in my family and how we can all best support each other. She also performed a beautiful healing at the end. I highly recommend seeing her!

--Suzannah S., May, 2019

Pam is incredible! She's a gifted intuitive and a lovely, compassionate person. I came to her while I was on the edge of a very dark place. My visit with her gave me clarity, peace and promise. Her insight and guidance provided me the keys to release myself from the black hole of despair. It was positively transformative. I look forward to working with Pam in the future. I'd love to have a Reiki session next.

--Vanessa L., January 2019

The intuitive counseling and energy work Pam offers is the best I have ever received (and I've been to many). I'm grateful for Pam's truth and sight. I can't say enough great things about the impact it has had on me! I always look forward to our next session, and the relaxation I will feel from the moment I enter her office!

--Jordan B., November 2018

I was tempted to leave a review right after my session, because I thought she was brilliant. But I wanted to wait and see if there were lasting effects.

I can see a distinct line between my state of mind and physical well being before I saw her and afterward. I had the combo intuitive and Reiki healing session. She was very accurate in subtle details in her reading. She also cleared out some old "stuff" that was clearly dragging me down.

Since the session, I have been much more focused and productive in my business. I'm happier. There is a flow of energy in my business and in my physical well-being. She is the real deal. See her.

--Joie S., September 2018

Pam is such an amazing gifted healer. Her intuition counseling service is like no other. I believe in energy and came in with an open mind, which I think allowed me maximize the benefits of her gift. She helped me gain a clearer understanding of my present circumstances, and how to approach my next steps. I would describe her readings as artistic energy reading. I had just been through some very traumatic experiences in my family in a short time, including death, travel drama, business drama, more death, family drama, relationship drama, and family birth. Pam was able to detect and read each situation, clarify my role, guide me on next steps, set expectations, and heal my family energy. In particular, I was able to apply communication techniques that she recommended towards my distant sister and in a very short time (1 week) our relationship has turned 180 for the better. I feel so hopeful, and have been able to share this tip with the rest of my family. Their results are consistent with mine. I also made notes after my session with Pam and will be referring to them after as I navigate through this phase of my life. Thank you Pam for sharing your gift and helping us. I feel so fortunate to have found your service.

--P S, October 2018

Had an amazing session by phone. Rose reading gave me lots of insight and Pam's skills and gifts are spot on. Thank you Pam!

--Jennifer O., Pleasanton, August 2017

I saw Pam recently for intuitive counsel and I can say it was nothing short of amazing. She was so sweet and informative. I was able to stop her at any point and ask questions If I didn't understand something or needed more clarity on an issue. I felt such an overwhelming sense of peace after seeing her, and it was such a deeper connection than any traditional therapy session I've been to. I have so much more clarity on issues I was struggling with internally. I loved my session and will definitely be going back again very soon! Thank you, Pam!

--Shaina S., SF, April 2017

I am feeling more grounded since our session and feel a lot lighter since leaving your office. I appreciate the work you do! I will definitely be back in the future.

--Melissa G., Nov. 2016

What can I say, I feel extremely grateful to this soul for her kind, loving help, I was impressed by the reviews on her Yelp and I am even more impressed by my experience with her than with the 5 star reviews! I feel so refreshed and excited to take on my life's challenges, I have a long list of people to send her way. If you are in need of some spiritual guidance, please do yourself a favor and book and appointment with Pam. You will feel just as grateful as I do.

--Laura G., Nov. 2015

For those of you who have only had services from Pam for massage, please let me share with you. I have gone to Pam for a variety of services over the past 10 years. But there are two services where she has truly helped me. She has done Reiki on me for a hip replacement I had 8 years ago and then again when I had a knee replacement 2 years ago. Both times the physical therapists and nurses that came to my home following the surgeries were amazed at how quickly I healed and responded to therapies. My doctors and I were so pleased at how well I healed from both surgeries and I attribute so much of my healing to Pam. I have also gone to Pam several times over the past 10 years for intuitive counseling. She has been able to give me insight to many changes, uncertainties, or difficulties in my life. I have always found my intuitive sessions with Pam to be very enlightening and helpful. I go to Pam several times a year to help me through difficult times, growing times, or times when I need some clarity. Blessings and Best Wishes to Pam to help all of you heal and grow in 2015!

--Jaydee C., Alameda, January 2015

Pam is fab! I went into the reading a bit (well more than a bit) skeptical. I am so glad I decided to move through my cynicism. She went through reading energy and chakras, to working with imagery, to the checking in regarding areas that lit up which frankly both freaked me out and fascinated me with the spot on-ness of some of the things she shared. I particularly dug her approach--no nonsense, gentle humor, and a curiosity without a lot of presumption. Hallelujah! A person I can listen to with an open heart and psyche! To keep this succinct. Go see her. You won't be disappointed.

--Jacqui L., SF, November 2014

I scheduled a reading/healing with Ms. Flowerday in pursuit of a better understanding and healing of my wounded soul after termination of a long-standing relationship. We decided on this path after a short telephone conversation where she developed a general outline of the work to be done. Here 15 years of experience showed immediately! What I received was nothing short of incredible. Although she correctly identified that I had already started my path to healing, she firmly established my current emotional state through a rose reading, my energy levels and associated chakra functions, and read some of the triggers that kept me in an unhappy and destructive relationship for way too long. She finished up with a Reiki session that seemed to cement all the information into my being. I left feeling truly at peace with everything, but it wasn't until I was standing in line a Jamba Juice (hey, this is Alameda!) when a young woman came into line behind me. We looked at each other, caught each other's eyes and smiled. It was at that point I knew I had broken through to the other side. Thank you, Pamela! A monetary value cannot be placed on your services and skills. 

 --Steve M., Oakland, May 2014

Pam is the real deal. She walks you through your experience with her explaining every step. She is also very honest and effective in helping you understand what to do with the information she is giving you. I highly recommend this if you are going through some changes in life or even a gift certificate for a friend. 

 --Noelle H., Alameda, December 2013

There are just not enough wonderful things I can say about Pam. I have gone to a couple of other healers before Pam and they just don't compare. When you open your energy to someone you want to be able to trust them. Pam makes trusting her very easy. I feel that seeing Pam over these past few years has allowed me to take my life to the next levels. And I do mean levels. She has helped me in so many different areas of my life. she is so versatile and gifted. It is hard to articulate how special I feel she is and how blessed I feel to have found her. I always have a lot going on and I try to work with things on every sphere. Pam is able to go with me where I need to go. I don't live in the Bay Area anymore and when I look for other healers or intuitive counselors they are just nothing like Pam. I need my Pam! : ) I will travel from San Diego to see her even though she does provide phone readings. I am so grateful to her for her help and guidance and ability to hang with my full blown energy. You are the best, Pam. 

 --Jessica B., San Diego, October 2013

Pam is a SUPERB healer and overall individual. I have known her for years and we have been trading Psychic and Energy healing for so long! I currently closed my own energy healing business and am referring all my clients to her because she's so amazing. You can guarantee that when you get a session from this angelic being, you will leave so validated, open and full of love. This woman is such a beautiful being...truly. See for yourself and book that appointment!

--Chris Young, Oakland, CA July 2013

Pam is a highly skilled and deeply intuitive body worker with a great space in which to do her work. She impressed me immediately with her ability to hone in on my chronic areas of tension and address them accordingly. Likewise, I greatly appreciate the mix of modalities that she brings to the table, including energy work and intuitive guidance. I always leave her office with renewed clarity and a sense of balance.

--Deborah C., SF, June 2011

I have had the luck to be blessed with experiencing Pam's amazing intuitive guidance which changed my life! She is amazing! If anyone is out there that is feeling stuck or just needing a little energy work, Momma Pam is the one to see. You feel the love just pouring off of her beautiful soul. Her massages are incredible also, she literally does it all. I would suggest anyone who is seriously looking for some relaxation/massage, energy work, guidance on life issues, or just some love, to go see Momma Pam. : ) Enjoy!

--Jaden S., Castro Valley, September 2009

If you want a 5-star massage, you need to go to Pam Flowerday. I have to agree with the other clients--she has such a calm demeanor and soft voice to ease anyone that you'll feel more relaxed when you leave her office. My reading was dead-on; she definitely hit the nail on the head. I'm going back for my "fix" next month and I can't wait!

--Maria S., Castro Valley, May 2009

Pam is amazing! I love going to see her for both intuitive/healing work and massage. I always feel so great afterwards. I'm completely hooked! Thanks for your great work, Pam!

--Jennifer S., Alameda, April 2009

I just had a 90-minute comprehensive reading/intuitive counsel. It's the first time I've done this kind of thing but Pam is so professional and calm that it felt completely safe to work on my issues. I left feeling so relaxed and at peace. Great experience.

--Lisa Z., Alameda, March 2009

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