Pam Flowerday
     Intuitive Counsel & Healings

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My Intuitive Counsel Work

In working with clients' energetic systems to improve health and well-being, I had to understand why blocks and imbalances came to be in the first place and why they persisted. Through my clairvoyant training, I gained a solid understanding of the human energy system and how it functions.  I learned how to access information held in the energetic field so that the root cause, the origin, of an issue could be identified, understood, and resolved.

Not only are physical holding patterns addressed, but mental/spiritual blocks to achieving one's goals may be explored in readings as well. By bringing to light the unconscious and conflicting beliefs, resistance, and fears embedded in one's energy system, a client can understand and release those blocks to manifesting their goals and desires. Readings focus on particular areas such as profession, health, relationships, money or a crossroads in life.  Readings are fun, informative, validating and life changing.

Intuitive Counsel sessions are usually held remotely over the phone, or via Skype or Zoom.